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User Testimonials

  • Program was quick and seemed to do a good job of finding errors. It will make a good addition to my arsenal of tweaking and repairing utilities.
  • I am very pleased with your System Utilities software, Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • I don't know anything about computer but this CD has helped me a whole lot. l would say people go get this CD.
  • I was so satisfied with this System Utilities reviews and it works great.
  • You have very good products and exceptional user support. I've recommended them to numerous friends.

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TuneUp 360

Only $29.95

TuneUp 360 - Screenshot

TuneUp 360 Speeds up and Fixes Your Computer!

Most computers encounter the following common problems. When the computer is new, it runs fast at first,and then months later it is running very slow. It takes long time to startup, to load websites or run programs. Or you may find that your computer freezes and stops response, or pop up unknown error messages or the programs just become dead suddenly.

TuneUp360 can auto scan and fix your computer errors with only one click. It is a kind of software which is specially designed for home users and busy people. You won't need to be a computer master. With just one click, you will get a fast, stable and secure computer. You can simply use it to make your computer away from slowness, errors and freezes.

With TuneUp 360, you can:

  • Dramatically boost computer speed
  • Stop computer freezes and crashes
  • Prevent private information being leaked out by others

Free Download TuneUp 360Buy TuneUp 360

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Key Features

Computer SLOW? Do not ignore it!

90% of SLOW computers are affected by various hidden Windows errors. They firstly become slow, and then freeze up now and then. One day they crash all of a sudden!

Typical Symptoms:

  • Computer runs slowly;
  • Takes very long time to start up the Windows;
  • Often locks up and becomes unresponsive;
  • Takes long time to run a program;
  • Computer freezes up now and then;
PC Information Checking
Check and display your computer hardware information and configuration. view detail
CPU model
Type of Memory Modules
Local Drivers model
Motherboard model
Sound or video card model
Network model
CPU power
Size of hard disk drives
Size of Memory
Network bandwidth
PC Performance Checking
Check your system performance and hardware and network settings. view detail
Average partition number for each hard disk
Free Memory status
Windows boot time
Windows paging file size
System service status
Registry redundancy
Junk files
Computer network settings
are optimized or not
PC Stability Checking
Check your computer stability by scanning your Windows, registry and application errors. view detail
Registry errors
Application errors
System errors
Network stability
PC Security Checking and Fixing
Check and fix issues which may threat your computer security. view detail
Windows automatic updates
System restore
Registry restore
USB auto-play
Remote desktop connection
Guest accounts
Windows shared resources
Windows firewall
IE home page
IE activity traces
System activity traces
Application activity traces
Redundancy Cleaner
Clean your computer's unnecessary and useless registry entries.
Privacy Protector
Clean activity traces of hard disk private data.
Trace Cleaner
Clean Windows and Internet activity tracks and computer activity traces.
Junk File Cleaner
Scan and clean up the junk files on your computer to provide more space to run other applications better and faster.
Shortcut Cleaner
Clean invalid shortcuts to make daily use of your computer more convenient.
Unstable issues Remover
Remove your computer's unstable tracks and unsecure traces.
Application Manager
Remove pop-up, adware & spyware and unwanted applications to ensure safe computer using environment.
System Optimizer
Optimize the system settings and speed up your computer.
Network Optimizer
Automatically adjust your network setting and maximize your network speed.
Startup Manager
Startup Manager can easily customize and manage your startup programs and optimize your computer startup time.
System Service Optimizer
Optimize system service and release more resources for Windows and software running.
Error Utility
Scan and fix your Windows system errors, protect your system from crashing,freezing and blue screen problems.
Undo Changes
Create a backup for all the changes TuneUp360 made on your computer for any possible restoration.


What TuneUp360 can do?
  • Instantly Fix Your Computer Errors by automatically diagnosing and fixing various system errors with intelligent TuneUp360 error knowledge base.
  • Dramatically Speed Up Your Computer and Internet by fixing all issues slowing down your computer and internet and fine-tuning your system setting to maximum performance.
  • Prevent Computer Freezes and Crashes by comprehensively fixing on various system errors, system conflict and mis-configuration.
  • Protect Your Internet Security and Privacy by tuning-up your computer security strategy to close up backdoor that can be hijacked by virus, Trojan, and spyware.

System Requirement

System Requirement
Supported OS Windows XP/ Vista 32-bit /Vista 64-bit / Windows 7/8
Processor >750MHz Intel or AMD CPU
RAM 256 MB or above


Sounds Good?

Buy TuneUp 360 ($29.95)

Download TuneUp 360


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